Monday 14 September 2009

Oh Kimmie..... Its not a dream after all

One of the most exciting news this year in the world of tennis was to see Kim Clijsters back in action. A wild card entrant, went on to defend her 2005 US Open title in a special way (she didnt play in 2006 owing to injury and retired in 2007). Records are meant to be broken, the first unseeded woman to win the Open and the first mother to win a grand slam tournament since 1980 achievement of Evanne Googalong Cawley at the Wimbledon are just some of the facts that appeases the statisticians. This victory means more to the ever changing world of women's tennis.

It was a rare sight to see married women competing and winning against top tennis players; Chris Evert and Henin previously were just the few names that comes to my mind to have won a grandslam title while being married. Clijsters went a step ahead.
Kimmie (as she is affectionately called) broke the resurgence of William sisters, none of the Russian women came close and ensured, the Dane (Carolina Wozniacki) chose yet another day to win her maiden title.

Offlate, women's tennis has become quite unpredictable with several players winning titles. The victory of Clijsters may seem like a dream to most mother tennis players, but it is possible. I wouldn't just call this as being lucky, it was afterall the case of a former No 1 coming back to action with a better determination, focus and looked rejuvenated after a 19 month hiatus which saw her recovering from the injury she had sustained in 2006, getting married and becoming a mother.

The only other player I saw winning a grand slam with a wild card was Goran Ivanisevic in 2001 when he ousted the Aussie Pat Rafter in a 5-set thriller at the Wimbledon.

This victory acts as an inspiration to every aspiring mother to reach the top of their game in any field. Hope the success story of the Belgian paves the way for more players to live a dream like she just did. The very fact that a mother winning grabs the headline when compared to a father winning explains what she just managed to do.
On a personal note...... Thank you Kimmie for a wonderful comeback !!!

These pics (with her daughter Jada) will remain in my memory for years to come......