Monday 22 June 2009

Sports Imitates Life

The name 'Sports Imitates Life' is based on my experiences as a kid and my growing years; where I always related sports activities to life in terms of results, joy, sadness, tears, laughs etc associated with it.

Personally, I have benefitted from sports immensely, though I have never been an athlete at a elite level. I just played for the sake of pleasure, but I fought it hard and always played to win. I was a bad loser as a kid, with time, I realised, the analogies of sports and life; and this enabled me to accept things and look at things in a different way. I have attempted to look at Sports from a life's perspective.

Sports as a tool of motivation in everyday life. Yes, people have different ways or should I say create different ways to motivate themselves. Some are external and others are internal. But the external and internal parameters are mutually related and will always continue to be.
After having done my Chemical Engineering, winning few Sports Quizzes, having watched Sports, I have always felt the gamut emotions of Sporting world to be a constant source of motivation in my life.

The title was also partly inspired by a book I read early last year by Gary Kasparov titled 'How Life imitates Chess'. When i finished reading the last page of the first part, my perspectives on sports, life and their correlation were justified.

As a Candidate Master of Sports Technology and Administration, I am convinced each day about their inter-connection. Someday my aim would be to apply what I have learnt in life to sports. Hence I decided to create a blog as a first step on 'Sports' and how it imitates 'Life'

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